6 MW power plant


Компания "Stanok-expert" предлагает 6 MW power plant в Киеве по привлекательной цене 300 000 000.00 руб./упак..

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6 MW power plant
Дата обновления: 16 февраля 2020

Offer: 6 MW power plant.

The manufacture and sale of small power stations. Modified: gas turbine unit with a capacity of 6 MW. Condition: new equipment. Contents: complete set. In addition to direct sales, the company deals with everything related to gas turbine engines, their operation, repair, testing. The cost of this equipment is the lowest in the whole market in terms of power. Our company provides the following additional services: - supervised installation on-site installation; - warranty repairs. - subsequent maintenance during the entire lifetime; - offer advanced ZIP ( this ZIP does not propose any enterprise. The details will be sent in response to a written request ). - delivery of object "turnkey "; Nothing to hide, no pitfalls. Ready to discuss any issues. Consultations of experts will be conducted immediately. Work with all countries of the world. The cost of the project was reduced.

Цена: 300 000 000.00 руб./упак.

Наличие на складе: под заказ
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Рубрики: Электрогенераторы, электростанции в Киеве
Газовые генераторы в Киеве

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Контакты поставщика: Stanok-expert

Название компании Stanok-expert
Регион Киев и Киевская область, Киев
Телефон / факс +38 (096) 8491702
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Подобные товары рубрики: Электрогенераторы, электростанции в Киеве

Электростанция 6 МВт
Электростанция 6 МВт

300 000 000.00 руб./упак.

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